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What are the factors that affect the operating performance of a water-water plate heat exchanger?

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What are the factors that affect the operating performance of a water-water plate heat exchanger?
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Water plate heat exchanger in operation with high heat transfer efficiency, but in practice may be due to the impact of certain factors, making the performance has decreased, Qingdao Ruipute plate heat exchanger manufacturers for you to introduce what factors affect the operation of water plate heat exchanger performance?

There are two main factors that determine the efficient operating performance of this equipment.

1. Water plate heat exchanger own reasons: many users to buy water plate heat exchanger, only to provide heat transfer area, and no heat transfer, media flow, import and export temperature and other specific data, resulting in the purchase of water plate heat exchanger, although the model area is right, but the combination of unreasonable processes, and thus the water plate heat exchanger does not reach the desired effect, even if on this basis to increase the area is also useless.

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2. The system configuration: water plate heat exchanger is only to play the role of heat transfer, follow the law of energy conduction, that is, the thermal measurement of the heat and other cold to let go of the rain to measure the absorption of heat, in many cases, the hot side of the heat from the heating system is not enough to take away the cold side of the cooling water, if the water is not enough, water temperature is not enough, will lead to the hot side of the temperature does not come, if for this reason, then the heat exchanger is useless and then great.

Knowing the factors that affect the operating performance of water plate heat exchanger, in the future maintenance and repair work can be focused on the above two aspects of maintenance. Can effectively improve the performance of the equipment. Ltd. existing more than four hundred sets of high-precision molds, eight large presses, the main products are plate heat exchanger, removable heat exchanger, plate and shell heat exchanger, heat exchanger unit and plate heat exchanger plates and molds, the production of plate heat exchanger equipment can do five years of trouble-free operation, service life of up to ten years, now contact us to give you free type selection, as well as the overall heat transfer program. What are you waiting for? Make an appointment!

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