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Application cases of plate and shell heat exchangers in the energy industry

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Application cases of plate and shell heat exchangers in the energy industry
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The application of plate and shell heat exchanger in the energy industry is very wide, Qingdao Ruipute Heat Exchanger Equipment Manufacturing Co.


1. Renewable Energy Limited - Renewable Energy's Heat Exchange Station System.

Our equipment has been professionally designed with safe and reliable performance, working temperature range of 0-300?, medium (water) temperature of 70-95?, working pressure of 1.6Mpa, reasonable selection, high quality and stability, and has a great ability to improve the heat transfer station system.


2. Water Treatment Company - Steam is used to heat the water.

Their equipment nozzles need to be custom designed, combined, inlet and outlet temperature 5?/25?, heat transfer 4695KW, after using our plate and shell heat exchanger products, heat transfer efficiency is significantly improved, energy saving space and economic costs, making production efficiency greatly improved.


3. Chemical Science and Technology Corporation - vapor-liquid heat transfer project.

The working pressure is 10 bar, the inlet temperature is 300 ?, the outlet temperature is 130 ?, the thermal load is 70 KW. our products are completely customized according to the customer's idea, the customer's whole project has played a role in boosting, so that the customer's every link has been optimized and improved.

 Chemical Technology Company

These are some of the applications in the energy industry, which are always in the interest of our customers and are our goal.


The advantages of the plate and shell heat exchangers produced by Qingdao Ruipute Heat Transfer Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. such as high temperature and high pressure resistance, high heat transfer efficiency and space saving are also fully reflected in these applications in the energy industry.


Choosing a consistent quality plate and shell heat exchanger will help you in the energy industry, hopefully these real-life examples will help you.

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