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Good news to customers who need GEA evaporators

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Good news to customers who need GEA evaporators
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Although GEA is niche brand, but have many users in China market, and still there are many customers who choose plate evaporators. Recently, Qingdao Ruipute customized a heat exchanger according to customer requirements, which really solved a big problem for this customer.

This customer had been using a semi-welded plate evaporator, and there was no adhesive gasket  on one side of the plate, which was directly welded together. On the side without the adhesive gasket , the media that the adhesive gasket  cannot adapt to is generally used. Some friends may be surprised, how can the heat exchanger and evaporator be replaced ? Some friends will think that the semi-welded plate heat exchanger and the semi-welded plate evaporator seem to sound similar. It should not be difficult to replace it!

GEA Evaporator

In fact, this is really the point, the insider looks at the doorway, the layman looks at the lively. Why does the heat exchanger also have steam working conditions, but some steam working conditions, non-evaporator can not?

Take the case of this customer, his working condition must use negative pressure technology, which means that, compared with the general positive pressure, the sealing requirements are higher. So this is more of a technical problem, even if there is a process, it is not always possible.

Do you need similar conditions? But you have to buy a high-cost evaporator. Call us and ask Ruipute. The team of engineers can create a high-quality and low-cost solution for you.

When it comes to technology, we at the request of the customer, create a kind of flange that can observe the performance inside, the installed on the mobile end frame on the four endoscopic flange, and it do help to check the inside conditions of heat exchanger

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