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New heat transfer oil plate and shell heat exchanger Qingdao Ruipute custom production

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New heat transfer oil plate and shell heat exchanger Qingdao Ruipute custom production
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Heat transfer oil is a kind of special oil with more stable thermal performance for indirectly transferring heat, because of its even heating, precise temperature control, high temperature under low steam pressure, good heat transfer, energy saving, convenient transportation and operation, etc., it is used in more and more working conditions, with more and more uses and dosages. Therefore, the application of heat transfer oil plate shell heat exchanger was born, Qingdao Ruipute specially designed heat exchanger model, with the use of heat transfer oil, outstanding performance.

Under normal circumstances, the temperature of heat transfer oil is high, can reach more than 200 degrees, which is ordinary plate heat exchanger can not withstand, and Qingdao Ruiput special design and production of heat transfer oil shell and plate heat exchanger can cancel the use of the gasket, the design temperature can reach more than 400 degrees, in addition, high pressure, design pressure up to 10MPa, the use of a wide range and its.

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In addition to high temperature and high pressure resistance, we are generally concerned about the heat transfer efficiency. Qingdao Ruipute this heat transfer equipment, heat transfer plate corrugated design of scientific and rigorous, fluid medium in the plate surface to form a high degree of turbulence, heat transfer coefficient, high heat transfer efficiency, the use of good results, it can be said, temperature and pressure resistance to increase the use of its range, highlighting the heat transfer efficiency highlights the use of its performance.

Heat transfer oil, not water, although low toxicity and odorless, does not corrode equipment, little impact on the environment, our equipment also uses a strong pressure shell, high safety performance. The plate beam is laser welded with a large weld depth to withstand thermal shock and stress, ensuring consistent performance.

Finally, there is the cost performance ratio that you care about. This equipment, high plate finish, not easy to scale, low operation and maintenance costs, high efficiency, long service life, for any of the working conditions, is time and effort saving. Imagine the trouble brought to you by constant maintenance, compared to who would choose the stable performance of this unit.

Heat transfer oil plate heat exchanger is a custom-made heat exchanger manufactured by Qingdao Ruipute, contact us to get details. Your working condition may have many heat exchangers that are suitable for heat transfer oil, only we have this one.

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