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What are the conditions for producing high quality heat exchanger plates?

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What are the conditions for producing high quality heat exchanger plates?
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Plate is an important part of the heat exchanger, the quality of the plate, which directly affects the use of the heat exchanger effect. Then the high quality heat exchanger plate are required to have what conditions? Today we're going to examine them together.

First of all, is the selection of plate material. The quality of raw materials is the basis for the quality of the plate, the plate selection of materials must be fully considered in all aspects of the factors, including the use of heat exchanger operating conditions, the use of pressure, the characteristics of the media, the material welding performance, processing performance and economic rationality.

high quality plate heat exchanger plates

Secondly, the plate is pressed production process. From the inspection of raw materials, cutting, pressing, punching, laser cutting, pinching, hanging, welding, pressure testing, etc., strict production process and quality control are required. The precision of the presses and molds, the experience and rigor of the workers, all affect the quality of sheet production.

Finally, the regular maintenance of the die of the sheet press. The dies need regular maintenance, especially for most of the board less than 1mm thick, the precision of the dies is an important part of the board quality. Therefore, regular precision testing and correction of the plate mould is an important factor to ensure the quality and stability of the plate.

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