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How to improve the heat transfer efficiency of plate heat exchanger

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How to improve the heat transfer efficiency of plate heat exchanger
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There are many conditions that are encountered when using the Ripert plate heat exchanger, and one of the more common ones is that the Ripert plate heat exchanger changes Thermal efficiency issues, so do you understand how to improve the heat transfer efficiency of plate heat exchangers? Here's the short version.

    1. increase the logarithmic mean temperature difference

    Ruipute plate heat exchanger flow type have counter-current, downstream and mixed flow type (both counter-current and downstream). In the same conditions, the counter-current when the maximum logarithmic average temperature difference, downstream when the smallest mixed-flow type between the two asked. Ripolt plate heat exchanger to improve the logarithmic average temperature difference of the method as far as possible to use counter-flow or near-countercurrent mixed-flow type, as much as possible to improve the The temperature of the fluid on the hot side decreases the temperature of the fluid on the cold side.

heat transfer efficiency of plate heat exchanger

    2. Determine the location of the inlet and outlet pipes

    For the single flow arrangement of Ruipute plate heat exchanger, the fluid inlet and outlet pipes should be placed as far as possible at the fixed end plate of the heat exchanger for easy access. one side. The greater the temperature difference of the medium, the stronger the natural convection of the fluid, and the more pronounced the effect of the formation of the retention zone, so the position of the medium inlet and outlet should be according to the thermal Fluid in and out, cold fluid in and out of the bottom layout to reduce the impact of the retention zone and improve heat transfer efficiency.

    3. Improve the heat transfer efficiency

    Ripute plate heat exchanger is wall heat transfer heat exchanger, hot and cold fluid through the heat exchanger plate heat transfer, fluid and direct contact with the plate. The modes of heat transfer are heat conduction and convective heat transfer. The key to improving the heat transfer efficiency of Ripert plate heat exchanger is to improve the heat transfer coefficient and the logarithmic average temperature difference.

The above is the editor for you to improve the plate heat exchanger heat transfer efficiency of the method, I hope it can help you, if you have other aspects want to know, you can come to consult us.

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