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plate heat exchanger gasket causes problems, these factors are the key

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plate heat exchanger gasket causes problems, these factors are the key
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Recently, a customer came to us and reported that their plate heat exchanger gasket tore within a few days. The situation was very severe, and the water also leaked all over the ground.And what's more important is that they've been running for a few days after they've installed it.The customer's heart is almost broken.

We asked the customer to send pictures of working conditions on the site and pictures of defective gaskets. After careful comparison, we found that the plate was overtightened, so we preliminarily speculated that this was the reason.However, we also want to know the customer's operation, the customer said to check back.According to experience, 5 kg of operating pressure and operating temperature not higher than 60 degrees, sealing gasket does not have a great impact.

plate heat exchanger gasket

A few days later, the customer admitted that the actual operating pressure had reached 25 kilograms, which was almost the limit of removable plate replacement.We speculate that the customer's pipeline is not equipped with check valves with sufficient pressure capacity and no power off protection device. After the power off, the water under the action of gravity returns to the plate for replacement, forming an impact and causing a devastating blow to the plate. In addition to excessive tightening, it is natural for the gasket to tear.

To solve this problem is easy, plate heat exchanger gaskets are not so fragile, the key is to install correctly, select quality products, and then do a good job of preventive measures, select the right pressure check valve, reduce pipeline impact, these factors have you learned?

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