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What are the components of a detachable plate heat exchanger?

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What are the components of a detachable plate heat exchanger?
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Now that more and more people are using plate heat exchangers, do you understand the components of a detachable plate heat exchanger? Here's the short version.

I. Heat transfer plate

Heat transfer plate is a plate heat exchanger mainly for heat transfer components, general corrugated made of zigzag, in accordance with the different fluid medium, the material of the heat transfer plate is not the same, mostly made of stainless steel and titanium.

2. Seal gasket

The sealing gaskets of plate heat exchanger mainly play a sealing role between the heat transfer plates. Materials are: NBR, EPDM, fluorine rubber, etc., according to different media using different rubber.


3. Both ends of the pressure plate

Both ends of the pressure plate is mainly clamped down on the heat transfer plate to ensure that the fluid medium does not leak.

4. Clamping bolt

The clamping bolts are mainly used to tighten the plate at both ends. The clamping bolt is usually double threaded, and the torque of the fixed plate is even when the bolt is pretensioned.

5. Hanger

The main thing is to support the heat exchanger plate sheet, making it convenient for disassembly, cleaning and assembly.

The above is the components of the detachable plate heat exchanger, I hope it can help you, if you still have other aspects you want to know, you can come to consult us.

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