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Our wish is the petrochemical industry can also use imported quality heat exchangers

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Our wish is the petrochemical industry can also use imported quality heat exchangers
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In petroleum and chemical production, almost all processes have heating, cooling, and condensation processes, and heat exchangers are needed. The performance of heat exchangers is important to the quality of petrochemical products, heat utilization rate, and the economy and reliability of the system.

Sex plays an important role, and the concept of environmental protection is emphasized, so you need to do some homework in choosing.


Take crude oil production as an example. Crude oil is characterized by many impurities, complex ions, high chloride ion content, and a small amount of H2S. At this time, the type of heat exchanger depends on the temperature of the crude oil entering and exiting the heat exchanger.

For harsh working conditions with low temperature (below minus 20) and high temperature (above 200 degrees), in order to stabilize the operation of the entire heat exchanger, it is recommended to choose a plate and shell heat exchanger. In the working conditions mentioned above, chlorine and Sulfur corrosion is the key point. The plate and shell heat exchanger consists of a corrugated plate group and a shell. It has high heat exchange efficiency, small top temperature difference, high temperature and high pressure resistance, good sealing performance, low pressure reduction, and greatly saves occupied area.

imported quality heat exchangers

Stable and reliable, compact structure and other advantages, it is a new technology heat exchanger that combines the advantages of plate heat exchangers and shell-and-tube heat exchangers.


Qingdao Ruipute has been deeply involved in the heat exchanger industry for more than ten years. In order to allow the heat exchanger industry to use heat exchangers of the same quality as imported ones, a team of senior engineers with 20 years of industry experience has been continuously improving the technology.

Thousands of companies provide production solutions. The technology can reach 69 times of disassembly without leakage, and the service life can reach 10 years. It is used in refrigeration, oil refining, chemical plants, pharmaceuticals, food, beverages, beer, metallurgy, electricity, environmental protection, oil coolers, etc. Widely used in industrial production industries.

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