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How to buy a quality plate heat exchanger?

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How to buy a quality plate heat exchanger?
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Plate heat exchangers are now showing their skills in various industrial fields. Wherever there is a medium for heat exchange, it is almost inseparable from it. However, you need to pay attention to the "minefield" when buying plate heat exchangers. Those who do not know how to do it, must pay more attention!

First of all, in the selection of heat exchangers, heat exchanger manufacturers often issue a "calculation book" when designing heat exchangers, and in the calculation book, pay more attention to the surplus reserved during the design. 

quality plate heat exchanger

In order to reduce the quotation of heat exchangers and obtain price advantages, some manufacturers reduce the number of plates in the process of heat exchanger design, leaving no surplus, which leads to plate knots in the process of continuous use of heat exchangers. 
When the heat exchange efficiency decreases due to normal factors such as fouling, the heat exchange capacity of the heat exchanger cannot meet the heat exchange requirements of the current working conditions. This is a very serious problem. In the light of the case, the production line stops, and the plate is purchased to expand the heat exchange. 
The heat exchange capacity of the heat exchanger will cause insufficient heat exchange of the medium, seriously affect product quality, and even cause various safety accidents!

In addition, in terms of material selection, in order to reduce costs, some heat exchanger manufacturers use plates or rubber strips of substandard quality. Various leakage problems caused by corrosion are prone to occur during use. In fact, stainless steel materials leak 
It is often caused by intergranular corrosion. The result of intergranular corrosion is the appearance of small perforations on the plate. These small perforations are also often caused by the factories that use heat exchangers in self-maintenance. This has caused great difficulties. 
In this case, you can only choose to replace the heat exchanger or send the heat exchanger back to the original manufacturer for processing.

The "minefield" that needs to pay attention to when buying plate heat exchanger

Furthermore, in terms of heat exchanger design, beware of the phenomenon of “stealing area”. This phenomenon is often caused by heat exchanger design manufacturers who make false reports on the area of the plates in order to attract orders at low prices. 
In the process of using this situation, the problems that arise are the same as those of leaving no surplus, which are equally difficult.

Therefore, in the purchase of heat exchangers, we must find reliable manufacturers, even if the quotation is slightly higher, after all, you get what you pay for. Qingdao RPT has been insisting on quality assurance and committed to 
Customers provide high-quality and reliable heat exchangers. 
Worthy of your trust!

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