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The selection of plate heat exchanger plates is very important, and the service life depends on it

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The selection of plate heat exchanger plates is very important, and the service life depends on it
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Recently, I have collected several questions that users have mentioned. One of them is how to extend the service life of the equipment. There are many reasons for this problem, but there is a plate heat exchanger plate material selection that has to be said. 
One point that is very easy to be overlooked, we may consider pressure performance and temperature resistance, but sometimes we forget to look at the detailed composition of our medium. 

Different media seem to have little difference, but in fact they have a great influence in the process of accumulation.

The principles for selecting materials for plate heat exchangers are: first, it depends on the corrosion resistance of the material, second, it depends on the temperature resistance, third, it depends on the processing performance, and fourth, it depends on the welding performance. 
Let me talk about the other three first. At present, the more common austenitic stainless steels on the market have very good ductility, are easy to weld, and have good temperature resistance, so these three can be almost ignored. 

The focus is on corrosion resistance. 

plate heat exchanger plates

The composition of the medium is involved here. If the chloride ion content reaches 50mg/L and the temperature does not exceed 60?, SS304 stainless steel can be used. The concentration does not exceed 200mg/L and the temperature does not exceed 60?. SS316 stainless steel can be used. Once the concentration exceeds 200mg 
/L, ordinary stainless steel cannot be used, special duplex steel must be used, or titanium can be used directly. 
This is often used in the exchange of sea water plates and the heat exchange of some chemical media. It can also be called adapting to local conditions. 
Another thing that must be emphasized here is that temperature is an unavoidable factor, so it must also be considered.

If you want to increase the service time of the equipment, the selection of plate heat exchanger plates is a good step. 
Good use and good housing are the original intentions of our choice. 
As for the selection of talents, are you right?

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