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What's the role of plate heat exchanger central air conditioning

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What's the role of plate heat exchanger central air conditioning
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Plate heat exchanger is a kind of heat exchanger which is composed of a series of corrugated metal sheets. Now in the case of high temperature weather in the country, there are more and more buildings using central air conditioning. So what is the role of plate heat exchanger central air conditioning?

plate heat exchanger central air conditioning

Heat exchangers may be used in two parts of the central air conditioning system.

1. One place is that the fluorine water heat exchanger inside the main air conditioner of water system plays the role of heat exchange with secondary refrigerant. Generally, there are three types of heat exchanger: A. casing heat exchanger; B. shell and tube heat exchanger; C. plate heat exchanger. A and B are generally used in large units, with the advantages of small pressure loss, low water quality requirements and not easy to block. C is generally used in small units, with the advantages of small size Small volume, high efficiency, but also high requirements for water quality. If it is a water system host, there must be a heat exchanger. If it is not a plate, it must be a kind of other forms.

2. Another place is that the household central air-conditioning water system uses a small heating boiler for auxiliary heating, and a heat exchanger is connected in series behind the circulating water pump on the main pipe and in front of the air-conditioning host, usually plate type. This is used for heat exchange between the air-conditioning system water and the boiler heating water (the boiler has two circuits of heating and domestic hot water). When it is used in winter, set the boiler temperature and furnace temperature When the water reaches the set temperature, the heating circulating pump starts to work, and the water is output to the heat exchanger to heat the return water on the main pipe of the air conditioning system. If the heat exchanger is cancelled in order to save the cost and reduce the cost, the heating furnace must be connected in parallel with the main pipe. When it is used in winter, the circulating pump of the main system will grab water with the heating circulating pump of the boiler subsystem, causing the boiler failure Heating water flow is not enough, the boiler can not play the role of heating.

3. There is another way to cancel the heat exchanger. Add a gate valve or stop valve on the main pipe of the boiler in parallel, turn off the valve when heating, and then cancel the circulating water pump of the boiler, because this time is equivalent to connecting the boiler in series with the air conditioning pipeline system. The small circulating pump of the furnace will suppress the flow of the circulating pump of the main system, which can only be cancelled. This situation can only be used for the boiler Because of the principle of boiler structure, as long as the air conditioner is turned on, the domestic hot water will not burn. Therefore, the boiler auxiliary heating also uses this plate heat exchanger.

plate heat exchanger central air conditioning has the above functions. Plate heat exchanger has the characteristics of high heat exchange efficiency, small heat loss, compact and light structure, small floor area, wide application and long service life. Under the same pressure loss, its heat transfer coefficient is 3-5 times higher than that of tubular heat exchanger.

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