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How to perform plate heat exchanger repair if there is a failure

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How to perform plate heat exchanger repair if there is a failure
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Any machine has the possibility of failure, plate heat exchanger is a machine, so it is possible to have problems that also need to be repaired, today we will talk about what are its common failures and how to do plate heat exchanger repair.


Plate heat exchanger often failures are nothing more than a reduction in heat transfer efficiency and performance, as well as leaks or string of leaks, some of these problems need to be carefully observed and contrast to find, some directly from the outside found, but no matter what problems have to be dealt with in a timely manner, maintenance of normal operation.

 heating plate heat exchanger

Low heat transfer efficiency is a plate heat exchanger maintenance process is often faced with a problem, this problem occurs for a very simple reason, because The core components of the heat transfer corrugated plate stacked together, the medium from the plate and the formation of channels between the plate through. Then the medium and plate contact will inevitably produce scaling or blockage, the flow is not smooth will cause the heat transfer efficiency becomes low, and then the The heat exchanger has problems with the system and the overall performance decreases.


Then there is the problem of leakage or string leakage. This is also a plate heat exchanger repair more often a problem, the reason for this is that there are several, it is possible that there is no clamping or sealing parts There is debris; the seal strip is old and the adhesive strips are dislodged; the seal grooves are corroded; and there is a problem with the order in which the plates are arranged. The general solution to these problems is to clean up the debris, replace the plate, and install the plate according to the correct method. Previously posted article.


Plate heat exchanger repair is often faced with the problem of the actual use of our industry, if you can figure out the reasons for the failure to solve their own problems so save time and effort, if you encounter large difficult to solve or uncertainty of the best time to contact the local dealer or consulting manufacturers, so as not to cause unwanted losses.

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