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High quality GEA plate heat exchanger plate and gasket replacement.

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High quality GEA plate heat exchanger plate and gasket replacement.
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GEA PLATE HEAT EXCHANGERGEA plate heat exchangers are widely used in a wide range of conditions, with a wide range of models, scientific designs and various forms. In China, the NT and VT series are widely used, so it is important to replace the plates and gaskets with high quality GEA plate heat exchangers.

GEA is a heat exchanger brand from Germany, which was later acquired by KELVION Group, but it does not affect its quality and performance, there are many models of GEA plate heat exchanger, mainly VT series, NT series, FA series, LWC series, which are made for different operating conditions, different application scenarios.

Qingdao Ruipute is able to produce and supply high quality replacement of GEA plate heat exchanger plates and gaskets, which is mainly due to decades of pursuit of product quality and the use of excellent raw materials. The precision of the plates and gaskets is ensured by the use of large presses and precision moulds, and the stability of the gaskets is ensured by scientific formulations and testing, with only 13% compression set.

There has always been no shortage of market for the replacement of plates and gaskets, because of this there are many crude products, but this will soon be eliminated by the market, but the impact on the customer is really far-reaching. Qingdao Ruipute always take the customer as the center, put in great efforts in research and development, heat transfer equipment and accessories are exported to Europe and the United States, and won unanimous praise.

High quality GEA plate heat exchanger plate and gasket replacement is available at Qingdao Ruipute. Our continuous effort is to let you use the European and American quality plate heat exchanger equipment.

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