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Chemical plate heat exchanger effect is not ideal reasons

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Chemical plate heat exchanger effect is not ideal reasons
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Now many friends in the choice of chemical plate heat exchanger products, the use of the effect is not ideal, so we know the reasons for this situation is what?

1, the system to configure the main reason. Chemical plate heat exchanger can only play a certain heat through the conversion of important role, following a law of energy conduction, that is, the heat released from the hot side is equal to the heat absorbed by the cold side, in many cases, the hot side from the heat generation as well as the heat of the system if it does not get enough cold side cooling water to take away, such as insufficient water, water temperature is not enough, resulting in the hot side of the temperature down, if it is due to the cause of this problem, the equipment is no longer large Also useless.

chemical plate heat exchanger

2, the equipment itself. Many users in the selection of equipment only provide heat transfer area, did not provide specific data such as heat transfer, media flow, hot and cold media, import and export temperature. Therefore, although the type and area of the selected equipment is correct, the process combination is unreasonable, and even if it is larger than this, it will not serve the purpose.

The above is to explain the chemical plate heat exchanger effect is not ideal, if there are any questions on the consultation of Qingdao Reapter Heat Transfer Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. many years of experience in the heat exchanger good equipment plus good service, for your product quality guarantee.

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