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Petrochemical plate heat exchanger in the selection process should pay attention to these aspects

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Petrochemical plate heat exchanger in the selection process should pay attention to these aspects
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Petrochemical plate heat exchangers should pay attention to the physical properties of the medium, the temperature, and the pressure used in the process. These three aspects almost determine the feasibility of the equipment, in the selection should pay particular attention.

First of all, the physical parameters of the medium, different media have different physical parameters, even water, but also seawater and ordinary water, ordinary water is also divided into clean water, cooling water and so on. Analysis of physical parameters is the first point in the selection process of petrochemical plate heat exchanger. Because, some media are corrosive, corrosive plate, some media can lead to gasket swelling. Petrochemical media content is complex, so it is necessary to clarify the physical parameters. The next is the temperature, the ordinary nitrile rubber temperature resistance is about 120 degrees, some temperature is too high conditions can not be used, so you can choose other forms of equipment. Further is that the use of pressure. Ordinary gasket heat exchanger equipment, the upper limit of pressure is 2.5MPa, this is a good judgment, but also the most can not be sloppy a point. About high temperature and high pressure, you can try Qingdao Ripert R & D design plate and shell heat exchanger, these two working conditions is not a problem.

Petrochemical plate heat exchanger

Petrochemical plate heat exchanger is not an easy task to choose, but we have more than ten years of experience in selection design and processing manufacturing, and very informative cases for severe working conditions. If you have trouble in choosing the corresponding equipment may contact us to try, will definitely give you a satisfactory answer. At present, we can send you samples of all the parts. By the way, we are equipped with a special laboratory to test the media, and for the specific parameters of the special formula customization, your equipment, you say, welcome to contact us.

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