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Difficulties in the application of plate heat exchangers in the steel industry

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Difficulties in the application of plate heat exchangers in the steel industry
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Although the country’s production capacity is currently being updated and the proportions of the primary, secondary, and tertiary industries are beginning to change, the status of industrial manufacturing, the lifeblood of a country, is unshakable. 
Therefore, it has become an inevitable trend to eliminate backward production capacity. How can the steel industry gain a foothold in the torrent of the times by improving heat exchange efficiency?

Energy saving and emission reduction is an inevitable trend

The use of clean energy in heat exchange stations has been accepted by more and more customers, but low heat exchange efficiency and high accidents are also problems. After all, special industries should achieve efficient heat exchange and reduce energy consumption, right?

At this time, manufacturers that can undertake large-scale projects are on the scene. Choosing a good manufacturer can reduce energy consumption and operating costs by 20%.

Need to do: 1. Safe and stable operation of heat exchanger-no leakage

2. The overall heating capacity cannot be reduced-efficient heat exchange

3. Long life and easy maintenance

RPT can bring you: professional engineers, with the support of a variety of selection software, optimize the combination of heat exchangers and adjust the heat exchange efficiency to the highest; the heat exchanger using gaskets is firmly attached and rarely leaks or deforms... 

If you have been worrying about the inefficiency of your own working conditions and frequent accidents, you will definitely find the best answer in Ripter.

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