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Qingdao Ruipute official website to take you to understand the reasons for plate heat exchanger scaling and response method

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Qingdao Ruipute official website to take you to understand the reasons for plate heat exchanger scaling and response method
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Now plate heat exchanger in various fields are used very widely, and cause plate heat exchanger scaling reasons are also many, the following Qingdao Ruipute official website editor to give you a specific explanation.

In the field of heating, due to improper operation of water treatment equipment, does not meet the softening requirements of softened water directly into the system, so that the soluble calcium in water, magnesium salt heat decomposition for calcium carbonate and magnesium hydroxide precipitates sticky in the plate heat exchanger heating surface, forming a hard scale. Due to the poor thermal conductivity of the scale, causing the heat exchanger heat transfer efficiency to reduce and increase the resistance of the system, thus affecting the effect of heat supply, to the heating unit caused a serious waste of energy.

paper mill plate heat exchanger

     Industrial systems, with particles and fibers of fluid into the heat exchanger, when the heat exchanger flow rate design is unreasonable or flow channel width is less than the allowable width, particles and fibers will be slowly deposited in the heat exchanger at the bottom of the flow channel, resulting in poor circulation heat exchanger resistance increases, serious heat exchanger is no longer heat transfer, seriously affecting the system process operation.

Scaling after the response method are what?

1? Dosing and softening treatment

This method is simple, highly efficient, economical, without special water equipment, is a highly practical anti-scaling water treatment method. According to the different methods of dosing, the Branch orthodontic agent treatment and anti-scaling treatment of two kinds.

2? Magnetization anti-scaling treatment

When the water flows through the high-intensity magnetic field, the multi-molecular linkage in the water and the action of the ionic magnetic field, the original single scattered multi-ionic linkage is broken up into single or short-bonded linkage, they at a certain speed perpendicular to the external magnetic field of magnetic force lines and produce an induced current. Therefore, each ion and the external magnetic field in the same direction to establish a new magnetic field, adjacent with polarity of the ion molecules, they compress and attract each other in an orderly manner, resulting in the change of crystallization conditions, the formation of crystals is very loose, pressure, tensile capacity, and very brittle, its adhesion and adhesion is also very weak, they are not easy to adhere to the heated surface of the formation of scale.

3?Ion rod anti-scaling water treatment

 This method is an emerging, advanced water treatment equipment, in the central air conditioning system, hot water circulation system, circulating cooling water system are applied with good results, very promising development.

For the plate heat exchanger scaling reasons and methods to deal with everyone has an understanding of the method. Qingdao plate heat exchanger manufacturers --Qingdao Ruipute heat exchanger equipment manufacturing Co. Pharmaceutical, food, heating and other industries. Contact us now to also give you free sizing and a total heat transfer solution, so what are you waiting for, make an appointment now!

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