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Professional and technical personnel to tell you when the plate heat exchanger disassembly and replacement of precautions

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Professional and technical personnel to tell you when the plate heat exchanger disassembly and replacement of precautions
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Now plate heat exchanger is very widely used, for a period of time when the heat transfer effect is not ideal for the heat exchanger needs to be disassembled and cleaned or replacement parts, that plate heat exchanger disassembled and replaced when you want to pay attention to what matters, in Qingdao Ruipute Heat Exchanger Equipment Co.

1. Plate heat exchanger before disassembly, should measure the heat exchanger tightening size, make records. Check whether the cold and hot medium emissions clean, remove the heat exchanger should be uniformly removed to each clamping bolt, in order to prevent the plate dislocation.

2. To disassemble the plate for safekeeping, such as damage, deformation, sealing performance will fail. Check whether the plate has debris accumulation, such as debris to be cleaned in a timely manner. Also check whether the gasket is aging, deterioration, cracks and other defects.

3. In accordance with the provisions of the order of plate installation, hot and cold different media to distinguish between each plate to 180 degrees to rotate the installation.

4. Clamp the plates uniformly according to the tightening dimensions recorded before installation.

Alfa Laval plate heat exchanger

5. Plate heat exchanger assembled to conduct hydraulic testing. Both sides of the interface need to be pressure test. Test pressure for the actual working pressure of 1.25 times, the need to maintain pressure for 30 minutes without pressure drop is considered qualified.

Qingdao Ruipute is a professional engaged in energy efficient heat exchanger R & D design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, technical services four-in-one new energy-saving high-tech enterprises, plate heat exchanger can be disassembled and replaced to carry out an effective analysis, can replace a variety of domestic and foreign brands of sheet rubber, the production of plate heat exchanger, removable plate heat exchanger, plate and shell heat exchanger, and so on. Now you already know what to pay attention to, contact us can also give you free type selection, as well as the overall heat transfer program, what are you waiting for, hurry up and make an appointment!

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