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Heat exchanger factory interpretation of China's domestic detachable plate heat exchanger

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Heat exchanger factory interpretation of China's domestic detachable plate heat exchanger
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Dismountable plate and frame heat exchanger It is an energy-efficient heat transfer equipment with many features, such as high heat transfer efficiency, light weight, small footprint and easy disassembly. Maintenance and many other advantages. Because of these features, it is widely used in the petrochemical industry, beer and beverage industry, pharmaceutical industry, urban central heating In the textile industry, paper industry, shipbuilding industry, iron and steel smelting and other fields.

China's domestic removable plate heat exchanger has been widely developed, these developments are reflected in the diversity of specifications, the improvement of the level of production and manufacturing, as well as a wide range of applications, it is undeniable that we have with foreign brands such as Alfa laval, GEA, TRANTER, etc. There is a big gap.

waste heat recovery heat exchanger

The upper limit of using temperature is 180?, the design pressure is 2.5MPa, the design of corrugation is mainly zigzag, but it also shows the diversity. trend, has been, the domestic heat transfer equipment technology content is not high, can be independently designed for special purposes, large processing capacity of the There are few manufacturers of the equipment.

China's domestic removable plate heat exchanger is another feature is that, compared to the previous widely used 304, 316 material plate, a number of special materials such as titanium, titanium palladium, Hastelloy, 254SMO, nickel, etc. have also begun to put into use among them, which greatly increases the scope of application of heat transfer equipment, further narrowing the gap between foreign countries.

Through the use of large vulcanizing machines and improved formulations, the physical properties of sealing gaskets have been greatly enhanced, both temperature resistance, aging resistance, and other physical properties. A large number of stable quality NBR, EPDM, FKM rubbers are available. Use. Both in terms of temperature resistance and the use of complex media, there will be suitable products available.

In the future, China's domestic detachable plate heat exchanger will be towards large-scale, professional and diversified forms of development, and at the same time, the scientific and technological content of heat transfer equipment will be improved, independent design and development of new heat transfer technology, and applied to manufacturing and practice, is the road we must take.

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