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Comparative analysis of plate and shell heat exchanger and plate heat exchanger

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Comparative analysis of plate and shell heat exchanger and plate heat exchanger
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    During our communication with many customers, many of them are not particularly clear about the specific difference between plate and shell heat exchangers and plate heat exchangers, so today we will take a look at the comparison between the two as a whole.




Structure The whole sealed welding structure;
no rubber gasket inside,can withstand high temperature and high pressure
Sealed with rubber gaskets,can not withstand high temperature and high pressure
Medium Using full fusion welding process, can be widely used in most process media Because the gasket is used as a seal, there are requirements for the choice of media, so the scope of adaptation is narrower
Economic The biggest feature is that there is no rubber gasket, fully sealed, so there is no need to replace accessories at all, high economic efficiency and high cost The gasket itself has the characteristics of easy aging, and it may also cause media leakage after long-term use, so it needs to be replaced frequently.
Clean & service The heat exchange core is soaked or backwashed, which is simple, convenient and efficient The rubber gasket needs to be replaced every time it is cleaned, the cost is also high, and the amount of engineering is huge.
Plate The thickness is larger, reaching 0.8mm, the overall stress concentration, strong corrosion resistance The thickness is relatively small, generally 0.5mm, and the corrosion resistance is relatively poor.

    In short, if your working conditions are not the harsh working conditions of special high temperature and high pressure, it is enough to use PHE, but the subsequent maintenance and cleaning are all costs;
    PSHE is suitable for a wide range of operating conditions, low maintenance costs, but high purchase costs.
    Everyone can buy it on demand. Although they have so many differences, in actual use, plate and shell heat exchangers and plate heat exchangers play a huge role. It can be said that both of them have their own merits.
    The heat exchangers produced by Qingdao Reapter Heat Exchange Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. all use international quality raw materials, European and American brand design selection software design, and workshop workers have more than 20 years of manufacturing experience. All along, because we have been unswervingly pursuing the quality of heat exchangers, our plate heat exchangers and plate and shell heat exchangers have withstood the test of the market and won a good reputation.
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