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Iphone 12 blue new phone overturned? With the same blue, which is more reassuring when used in plate heat exchangers

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Iphone 12 blue new phone overturned? With the same blue, which is more reassuring when used in plate heat exchangers
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It is reported that after pre-sale, Apple’s newly released Iphone 12 was officially launched yesterday. Recently, everyone has talked a lot about the color of the new machine. Yes, it is the blue below, which looks very earthy. 

Despite this, I saw a long queue at the door of an Apple store on the Internet. It seems that the new machine is not a "rollover", but a real fragrance. 


Seeing this color reminds me of our plate heat exchanger, which is also blue, but it makes people feel at ease.

Our blue is a custom-made violet from the manufacturer. It looks high-end and atmospheric, with a high finish, and it can show people's shadows when you look carefully. 
The reason for such a brilliant effect is that we have strict operating procedures for the painting process. 
When we spray, we go through 3 primers and 3 sides finish. 
The frame board sprayed according to the process has no obvious defects such as protrusions, flashes, burrs, and depressions. 
There is no welding slag, coating, spatter, arc fume, etc. on the surface. 
And the total thickness of the layer reaches more than 200µm. 
After spraying, a comprehensive inspection is carried out, including appearance inspection, thickness inspection, layer adhesion inspection, etc. 

The detection methods are practical and abundant, and the detection effect is.

plate heat exchanger

Once the blue plate heat exchanger was launched on the market, it was deeply loved by users. 
Even if it is an industrial product, it can also be made into crafts. 
Now they all advocate feelings and craftsmanship. 
I feel that to do a good job of the product bit by bit, to be pragmatic is the spirit of craftsmanship. 
With excellent quality, users can use it with peace of mind. 
No matter how good the face is, if you don't do a good job of it, it will be utterly apparent. We will not do this kind of thing. 

In the past 13 years, we have only done one thing, that is, let domestic users use international quality heat exchange equipment. Now, I have been working hard on this.

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