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European olive oil exports set a record! Edible oil plate and shell heat exchangers are popular at home and abroad

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European olive oil exports set a record!  Edible oil plate and shell heat exchangers are popular at home and abroad
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According to the latest report from the Olive Oil Times, EU olive oil exports are expected to set a new record in the 2019/20 crop year.The main reason behind the surge in the use of olive oil is the new crown pneumonia at the end of 2019. Although restaurants and hotels have closed down significantly, most people are at home due to lockdown measures.

Therefore, the increase in the amount of olive oil is understandable.

Both olive oil and peanut oil are inseparable from the edible oil plate and shell heat exchanger, which is used in huge quantities.

Edible Oil plate shell heat exchanger

The main raw materials for edible oil production are peanuts, sunflower seeds, olives, etc. The processing and production methods of each raw material are generally similar.

Heating the vegetable oil with heat-conducting oil or steam is a conventional way of use. The temperature of the heat-conducting oil is generally more than 200 degrees. The general gasket heat exchanger is not applicable.

Therefore, equipment that can withstand higher temperatures must be used, the plate and shell heat exchanger therefore eliminates the use of gaskets, and the circular plates are welded.

Because it involves food-grade applications, the use of edible oil should use 304 plates, edible oil goes through the plate path, and other steam or heat transfer oil goes through the shell path, so as to wrap the plate bundle with high heat exchange efficiency and small heat loss


Food is the priority for the people, and the oil produced by healthy and safe equipment is also good. There is no doubt about this.

Whether it's the sunflower seed production line in Bulgaria or the peanut oil production line in Linyi, Shandong, you need an efficient equipment.

The popularity of edible oil plate and shell heat exchangers at home and abroad is not without reason. In summary, the reasons are actually promoted by strong demand.

Whether it is domestic peanut oil, rapeseed oil, foreign olive oil, sunflower oil, etc., as long as it involves high temperature and high pressure working conditions, this kind of equipment is adequate and can be used well enough.

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