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Packing and shipping, the plate heat exchanger embarks on a journey of sea voyage in the arms of customers

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Packing and shipping, the plate heat exchanger embarks on a journey of sea voyage in the arms of customers
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Last week, two plate heat exchangers of more than three meters and more than 300 pieces assembled successfully crushed 21 kilograms. With the help of cranes, forklifts, and containers, they embarked on cargo ships going abroad. Today, Qingdao Ruipu has a very low temperature. 
Outside the special plant, there are six heat exchangers of different sizes fighting against the container.

Before packing, take "security measures" for the heat exchanger, fix it in a customized wooden box, seal the box to prevent moisture from being damaged by the outside, and all the details of the wooden box are marked and marked. 
It is a link with foreign customers. There is no need to send one more message and no need to communicate again. As long as these silent symbols are the tacit understanding formed by our cooperation relationship for more than ten years.

plate heat exchanger

More than 300 pieces, 21 kilograms, more than 3 meters of equipment...Every piece of data can be said to have the same production and quality inspection standards as Alfa Laval, GEA and other international heat exchanger brand manufacturers. 
Engineers with heat exchange production experience carry out selection and design, and experienced installation technicians in the workshop...Every link is closely linked and indispensable. Although Thanksgiving is once a year, Ripter is very grateful for the new 
The trust and support of our old customers. It is not easy to make international quality heat exchangers in China. The raw materials and quality inspection standards are all higher than the national standards. Our raw materials are imported. The equipment and applications made are 
Not to mention the quality and service life of things made with poorer domestic raw materials, the price may not reach half of others’ prices. We have indeed seen other people’s quotations that we can’t even buy raw materials. To be honest, 
Focusing on low prices really doesn't do any good for your own production line.

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