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The conditions that a good juice cooling plate heat exchanger should have

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The conditions that a good juice cooling plate heat exchanger should have
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With the rapid development of industrial technology, people not only have high requirements for product quality, but also put forward high requirements for product after-sales and appearance. A good juice cooling plate heat exchanger should also satisfy users 
All needs.

In order to meet the needs of more users, Qingdao RPT is also starting from the heart in the development of juice cooling plate heat exchangers, and everything is for the user’s sense of experience, so what are the specific conditions for a good plate heat exchanger 
To get the favor of users?

1. The heat exchange efficiency is good. The main function of the heat exchanger is heat exchange. The ultimate goal of the user to purchase the heat exchanger is also on this. In the selection and design of the working conditions, RPT uses the imported brand original factory. 
Type software, under big data, considering various emergencies in operation, select the appropriate version to ensure the heat exchange efficiency and stability used.

2. Good quality. The core part of the juice cooling plate heat exchanger uses imported raw materials such as Zhangpu, Baoxin, Japan's Nippon Steel, and the United States Hastelloy to ensure the stability of the plate's trace elements.

juice cooling plate heat exchanger

3. High cost performance, aiming to really help users solve heat transfer difficulties and the product life is not long, do not pursue high profits, do not make high or low prices, we are in awe of every penny paid by users.

4. Complete after-sales service. We will attach the product installation manual when shipping. If there is a problem during the installation, please consult at any time within 24 hours, and you can remotely guide the installation.

The selection of a juice cooling plate heat exchanger must at least meet the above points. A good heat exchanger needs at least 6-8 years to be a qualified plate heat exchanger.

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