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About the correct installation method of plate heat exchanger rubber gasket

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About the correct installation method of plate heat exchanger rubber gasket
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Gasketed plate heat exchanger, the primary The special feature is that the corrugated plates are attached to an adhesive gasket which is then stacked together to form the core heat exchanger element. Therefore, the plate and the adhesive gaskets need to be replaced frequently as wear and tear products. In many cases, customers call to ask how to install the adhesive gaskets correctly, so today we will talk about the correct installation of the plate heat exchanger adhesive gaskets. Installation method.


The first step to install the rubber gasket correctly is to disassemble the plate heat exchanger and the plate, in the disassembly of the time to pay attention to non-violence, gently pick up and put down, the plate should be placed in a clean position to prevent the sealing groove into the impurities.


There are 3 ways to hang the rubber gasket on the plate, which are, glue-on type, snap-on type, and clip-on type.


The installation method of paste type is to firstly ensure that the adhesive gasket groove is clean and free of foreign matter and impurities, then brush glue on the adhesive gasket, and then stick the adhesive gasket directly in the groove, the installation should strictly follow the design of the groove to paste, can not appear irregular shape.


The installation method of snap-on type is that: firstly, there are small holes on the plate heat exchanger plate for assembly, and the rubber gasket is designed with glue nail, after putting the rubber gasket into the groove, the glue nail can be fastened into the pre-assembled holes.


The clip-on type installation method is that there is a "mountain" shaped buckle on the adhesive gasket, which can be fastened when the adhesive gasket is pasted.


The above three installation of plate heat exchanger adhesive tape installation method are more popular method, choose which one has its own advantages, therefore, choose which one is okay, but attention should be paid to follow the correct installation method, must not be violently dismantled, otherwise there will be poor sealing performance, adhesive tape dislocation, resulting in internal media leakage problems.


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