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Plate heat exchanger flange and other 4 interface connection method

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Plate heat exchanger flange and other 4 interface connection method
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Plate heat exchanger usually has four interfaces, they are thermal measurement media inlet, thermal measurement media outlet, subthermal measurement media inlet, and subthermal measurement media outlet.

There are many different types of piping for the 4 ports, they are internal threaded-1, external threaded alloy-2, double bolt-3, double bolt alloy liner-4, and Metal hoops-5, flanges-6. Among them, the flange is more widely used, but also the most common among the practical application.

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Some people may ask, since there are 4 interfaces, so why are some on the same side, some on both sides? This has to do with the process configuration of the plate heat exchanger.


Most of the common plate process is a single process, but some in order to increase the heat transfer area will also use a double process, three processes, or even multiple processes.


If the four ports are on the same side, on the same plane, this is the most common way, water-water exchange, steam-water exchange used mostly, this is the single process.


Single flow means that the medium flows once inside the plate heat exchanger, double flow is the medium flows twice inside the plate heat exchanger, as the name implies, when the multi-flow, the interface can not be on the same into the side, respectively on both sides.


If the 4 interfaces are on each side, that is a multi-flow configuration. Media in the plate heat exchanger internal go twice or even more times, in order to achieve the desired heat transfer effect.


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Different interface configuration and takeover method for different conditions and media, so in this case, to choose the correct interface configuration, takeover method must have a full understanding and knowledge of the conditions and media.

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