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Refinery chemical plate heat exchanger, “oil“ and “oil“ are very different “

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Refinery chemical plate heat exchanger,
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refining plate heat exchanger, according to the different types of refining need to pay attention to the place is not the same, specifically, according to soybean oil, corn oil and other edible oil and petroleum refined mineral oil as a distinction, although both for refining, but the actual conditions are very different, then what need special attention to the two places? 

 First of all for vegetable oil, especially corn oil, corn oil in the refining process, the medium will have a strong corrosive, so the type of strip must be customized according to the actual situation, in the production process, the formula of the strip will be changed, will be replaced by corrosive substances and so on, so as to improve the corrosion resistance of the strip, the same, vegetable oil in the refining process can not be small particle residue, so in the selection of deep grooves or wide channels, To ensure that the plate heat exchanger can operate normally. 

plate heat exchanger plate mould

 For mineral oil, most of the choice of rubber strips can choose NBR strips, but in the heat exchanger machine selection process, it is necessary to clarify the proportion of specific composition of its medium chemicals, in order to accurately select the appropriate heat exchanger, to avoid heat transfer problems. 
 Although both vegetable oil and mineral oil belong to the refining category, but the two are very different can not be generally discussed, so in the selection, should be based on the actual conditions of the design, Qingdao Ript, has a wealth of design experience, to help you in the selection design to solve the various problems encountered.

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