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Have you encountered this kind of problem when you used the sealing tape of the plate heat exchanger?

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Have you encountered this kind of problem when you used the sealing tape of the plate heat exchanger?
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Before, there was a customer who was troubled by a problem for a long time. The problem is not big or small, but it is really important. What is this problem? It is that the sealing tape of plate heat exchanger will 

There is a melting phenomenon, I don’t know if this problem is familiar to you who use a plate heat exchanger!

What is the reason for this problem? 

First of all, we must start to understand from the working conditions itself. The customer’s situation is that the hot and cold side media are wastewater. The inlet temperature of the hot side can reach about 150 degrees, but the chloride ion content is about 5000mg/L. 

pH3-4, sulfate ion is about 3000mg/L, previously used EPDM rubber pad, from the composition, the rubber strip must be corrosion resistant, but the customer is not the most worried about this problem, because it is used for melting.

sealing gasket of plate heat exchanger

Experience, the most worried thing is the temperature resistance of the rubber strip.

In fact, we can see from this problem that the material is not difficult to choose. The EPDM material we use most often is completely acceptable. What is the source of the problem? 

Let's analyze it. If there is no problem with the material and corrosion resistance, there is a quality problem with the rubber strip, what is it? 

Obviously, there are problems in the production process and the use of raw materials. Although everyone uses plate heat exchangers, they don’t know the temperature resistance of the rubber pads very well. Today, I will also popularize a little knowledge for everyone, three yuan 

The highest temperature resistance of ethylene-propylene material can reach about 160?, and the temperature resistance of nitrile material can reach about 140?, and the melting phenomenon occurs at the use temperature of 150?. The problem is very obvious.

In response to such a problem, how do we Ripter do? 

First of all, on the basis of ensuring the quality of our raw materials and production technology, the laboratory is not our furnishings. We have carried out experimental analysis for the specific media used by the customer, and adjusted the formula of the rubber strip according to the actual situation. 

In order to be assured, I personally visited the factory. Sure enough, the facts proved that our production capacity and technical strength are not imaginary. Customers are very relieved of our products and placed orders immediately after returning.

I don’t know if you who are using the plate heat exchanger sealing tape are also troubled by such things. There is such a manufacturer that can help you solve the problem. What are you waiting for!

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