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Causes of corrosion of heat exchanger plates

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Causes of corrosion of heat exchanger plates
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We know that the heat exchanger will cause corrosion after being used for a period of time, especially in the heat exchanger plate, the corrosion is more severe, but we don’t know what is the cause of the corrosion, the following is the reason for the corrosion of heat exchanger plate. Heater manufacturers give us a brief introduction:

corrosion of heat exchanger plates

1. In the assembled heat exchanger, a gap is formed between the edge of the plate sealing groove and the deformed sealing gasket, which provides an environmental condition for crevice corrosion, because the gap is small, and the fluid medium moves in this area. It can only be laminar flow or even dead zone.

2. The gasket groove in the corrugated plate is a severely deformed area in the entire plate, and there must be a lot of stress after restriction; plus the gasket is compressed and deformed to the plate sealing groove area after the heat exchanger is clamped A great pre-tightening effect occurs; during use, the pressure effect of the medium between the gasket and the plate sealing groove will aggravate the occurrence of slippage, which will cause corrosion of heat exchanger plates.

3. Accumulation and collective appearance will occur in the gap area, especially when the heat exchanger is switched on and off. This situation is more severe, even when the concentration in the fluid medium is only a dozen mg/L, the concentration in the gap area is sometimes Will be as high as several times or even more than ten times.

It is difficult to solve this kind of corrosion of heat exchanger plate phenomenon. We can only pay more attention to it when we use it. It should be placed in a dry place to reduce corrosion. The reason for the corrosion of heat exchanger plates is simply That's it for everyone. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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