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In what cases can't I use a plate heat exchanger device?

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In what cases can't I use a plate heat exchanger device?
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Understand these points to ensure that you do not suffer from losses.Plate heat exchanger has been widely used in metallurgy, mining, petroleum, chemical, electricity, medicine, food, chemical fiber, paper, textile, marine, heating and other industries, but some cases can not be used, the following small series ask you what can not use plate heat exchanger equipment.

Which conditions can not use the plate heat exchanger equipment, 1, when the use of temperature of more than 200 degrees C, the design temperature of the heat exchanger mainly depends on the temperature that its gasket can withstand. When using rubber elastic gaskets, the maximum temperature of use is not more than 200;2, not suitable for fluid heat exchange that can easily block the flowway. 

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Because the plate spacing of the heat exchanger is very small, most of them are 3 to 5mm, if there are relatively large solid particles or fiber impurities in the heat transfer fluid, it is easy to clog the flowway between the plates; The heat exchanger is sealed with gaskets, the seal circumference is very long, the support of the two seals in the corner hole is poor, the gasket can not meet the pressure, so the maximum operating pressure of the plate heat exchanger is only 2.5MPa.

The above is a brief introduction to what conditions do not allow the use of plate heat exchanger equipment. Qingdao Reapter specializing in the production of plate heat exchanger plate shell heat exchanger and accessories 13 years, has a hard technical and production team. If you would like to know about the Qingdao Ripple Plate Heat Exchanger, please call 400-6699197 or click below to inquire immediately.

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