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Application of plate heat exchangers

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Application of plate heat exchangers
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The application range of plate heat exchangers is becoming wider and wider, and we can see it in many places. So what are the applications of plate heat exchangers in the civil field? 

Let's take a look at these few examples today.

1: Central heating is our common application of plate heat exchangers in the civilian field. Plate heat exchangers have the characteristics of compact structure, simple operation and maintenance, and high heat transfer efficiency. They have become the heat exchange station in the urban central heating system. 

Thermal products are suitable for water-water heat exchange systems, steam-water heat exchange systems and domestic hot water supply systems. They play an important role in the rational distribution of heat energy and the improvement of heat energy utilization. 

Plate heat exchangers

2: In the field of air-conditioning systems, this is also common to us. It is used for the heat exchange of chilled water in the air-conditioning system. Installing a plate heat exchanger between the cooling tower and the condenser near the condenser can play a role in condensation and prevent 

The equipment is corroded or blocked, and the running time of the chiller can be saved during the transition season. 

3: Application in waste heat recovery: In many industries, a large amount of heat is discharged into the surrounding atmosphere along with the waste heat medium every day, resulting in a large amount of waste of energy and environmental pollution. 

The heat exchanger can recover the waste heat and convert it into secondary usable energy, which can be used in preheating and other working conditions. 

It not only saves energy but also protects the environment.

Plate heat exchanger for civil use

The above briefly introduced a few common applications of plate heat exchangers in the civilian field, and there are many more applications in our lives. 

If you want to know more, follow us. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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