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Ruipute brand focusing on food industry plate heat exchanger producing

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Ruipute brand focusing on food industry plate heat exchanger producing
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Many end customers of food industry trust GEA plate heat exchanger, such as beer pasteurized heat exchangers, etc. so the customer came to us firstly for spare parts replace, then whole unit replace, but how did Ruipute get all the customers that loyal to GEA?

When it comes to food grade heat exchanger, what are people suffering from?

1. Medium: may be high viscosity, contain particles, the selection of plate type can not be generalized;

2. Because of food safety, the sealing performance of heat exchanger is required to be higher

3. High demand for customized heat exchangers for the working conditions of food

Today we will first talk about the medium, the first need to pay attention to the point - the plate.

food plate heat exchanger

food plate heat exchanger

In the food industry, there are many mediators, such as beer, milk, cooking oil, etc., and we often have problems -- peanut butter -- heat exchange efficiency is low, easy to block; Just think about it, if you only look at the flow speed of the fluid, the heat transfer efficiency of oil medium is relatively slow; The inclusion of particles, it is necessary to choose a wide passage plate. A high demand, a precise process, it is inevitable to produce such and such problems.

For example, this plate is not thick enough, that plate pressure is not good, this plate groove deep to deep, how flat so bad?

There are a lot of problems, but let's take a look at the process flow of Rupert: using imported foot thickness raw materials, cutting diagonal error within 1mm, no burr, so that the plate can be uniformly stretched, this is very important!The upward and downward deformation that occurs when a plate is pressed is called stretching. Then use the domestic top mold designed by themselves for pressing, precision can be controlled between 0.05 and 0.1mm, groove depth guarantee, flatness is no problem, so that a preliminary good pressure, good strength of the board.

In the next article, we will complete the whole production process. Welcome to continue to pay attention to Rupert.

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