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Your plate heat exchanger gasket quality is not good, what exactly is the problem?

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Your plate heat exchanger gasket quality is not good, what exactly is the problem?
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 The plate heat exchanger has been widely used since it entered China in the 1960s.Whether in the heating industry or the industrial production industry, its wide range of applications allow people to have more contact and use opportunities. 

But one of the problems that you must have heard about or experienced in the course of use is the problem of the gaskets, the gaskets break easily, the temperature resistance is not high, the solvent resistance, the flavor, and so on and so forth. Why on earth is there such a problem?

Before expound this problem, I think we should want to know is a good quality plate heat exchanger rubber gasket should be what look like? Good rubber gasket must be tested, meet the requirements of national standards, performance standards. These indicators include appearance testing, physical performance testing, hardness and compression, size and thickness, and so on.

plate heat exchanger

plate heat exchanger

The poor quality of sheet rubber gasket in plate heat exchanger is closely related to the production process. We know that gasket production includes rubber and catalyst mixing, extrusion, vulcanization, secondary vulcanization, detection, and so on. Seemingly simple process, in the actual process of the test is the production equipment and system optimization and the technical level of the operators. Each process will result in a quality defect in the tape if it is not properly operated.

Qingdao rui put pays attention to the production process quality control of the gasket of plate heat exchanger, so the big brands imported production equipment, production technicians also most has more than 10 years of manufacturing experience, in addition, also equipped with specialized laboratories, inspector with polymer background for gasket production every link for testing, in order to control the quality of the gasket. Only the qualified rubber gasket will go out of the gate of the factory.

The poor quality of gasket in plate heat exchanger is related to the actual working condition. For example, it is not clear that each material corresponds to each working condition, each material corresponds to each temperature, corrosion resistance, solvent resistance, etc., it can be said that a miss is as good as a mile, let alone industrial production?

Qingdao Ruipute adhering to the customer first, product first principle, pay attention to the production of each link, care about the quality of each gasket. It is precisely because of this, the products can be exported to the European and American markets, widely praised. It's hard to give up, but it must be a wise choice. To choose Qingdao Ruiput plate heat exchanger gasket is to choose high quality.

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