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Alfa Laval brand, who has widely used on everywhere are really good in operation?

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Alfa Laval brand, who has widely used on everywhere are really good in operation?
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In the heat exchanger industry, the first brand must be Alfa Laval, no doubt, because the style of Alfa Laval heat exchanger covers a wide range of models and deep enough to make people sigh. But did you know that Alfa Laval started out as a centrifuge? Heat exchange, separation and fluid treatment are the three major technical components of Alfa Laval.

It was a big deal, but Ruipute, after years of clients and friends who knew what they were doing, started with this question:

We are engaged in food heat exchange. We only use APV plate heat exchanger. Do you have model X?

We are from the power company. The working condition parameters have been sent to you. Could you recommend us a GEA heat exchanger?

Alfa Laval plate heat exchanger

Of course, we have to admit that the Alfa Laval in the energy, shipping advantages unparalleled. The reason why Alfa Laval occupies a large part in the domestic heat exchange market is also closely related to its "universal adaptability" and corporate strategy.

Alfa Laval is not the real moon, and it is impossible to achieve the real "moon printing". For example, some people choose shell and tube heat exchanger used in the pharmaceutical industry, as long as the SUPER clean shell and tube heat exchanger of ABC in the United States. Some companies for easy to plug, high temperature and high pressure thermal oil working conditions, only purchase Vahterus shell heat exchanger. Aren't these heat exchangers alfa Laval's business? On the contrary, the more sophisticated the working conditions, the more professional engineers prefer the safety and stability.

Therefore, some companies that participate in bidding and have major projects on hand do not know much about the heat exchanger itself, let alone the project on hand. They must keep their eyes wide open. Some manufacturers only have the model of Alfa Lava, so they will only recommend alfa Lava to you.

Things in industry can't just muddle along and make do,

If you are at this difficult stage, you may want to call Rept, who has a team of senior engineers with 20 years of industry experience, can make more than 500 types of plate heat exchangers and accessories of international brands. The solutions they choose for customers are rated 0 for complaints and have a number of patented technologies. Such industry qualification, try again what harm is there?

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