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The price of industrial plate heat exchanger

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The price of industrial plate heat exchanger
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We want to know the price of industrial plate heat exchanger before buying industrial heat exchange equipment, there are many factors that determine the price of the equipment, today I will explain what factors affect the price.

Some people will say, I give you a model or I give you a heat transfer area, you directly to me a price, it is generally not recommended that you do so, this is because what? Before a customer response, their own industrial plate heat exchanger from the beginning of the heat transfer effect is not ideal heat transfer efficiency is low, this is mainly the selection of the model to do not in place.

price of industrial plate heat exchanger

Selection is a very complex process, generally speaking, the purchase of industrial heat exchanger equipment first need to understand what they need to be the model or the relevant parameters and industrial heat exchanger equipment working environment to the manufacturer. Then the manufacturer's technology to do a detailed selection calculations for us, according to the different plate type, different materials, different area accounting for the corresponding plate heat exchanger price, so that we get a more accurate price.
According to the above introduction, when you buy heat exchanger equipment in the future do not go to a single consultation on the price of industrial plate heat exchanger, Qingdao Reapter Heat Exchanger Equipment Heat Exchanger Co.

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