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Reasons for the large price difference of GEA plate heat exchangers?

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Reasons for the large price difference of GEA plate heat exchangers?
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There are many GEA plate heat exchanger rubber gaskets on the Internet. If you ask for the price, you will find that the price of the same VT40 can be 3-4 times different between manufacturers. Why is this?

First of all, the manufacturer you are looking for may not have a real physical factory. They wholesale GEA plate heat exchanger gaskets from powerful factories and then resell them and buy them for you. This must be increased in the middle, and the price quoted to you is naturally expensive.

Secondly, the raw materials used by each manufacturer are different. Some manufacturers’ raw materials, raw materials and auxiliary materials are imported from large foreign brand manufacturers. The raw material suppliers like Gislaved Gummi have a higher cost than directly using finished rubber compounds.

GEA plate heat exchanger

In addition, the process standards of each manufacturer are different. Some manufacturers have strict quality inspections in every process in accordance with the CE standard, and there are almost no defective products.

The technical level of each manufacturer is different. Some manufacturers use patented formulas to mix raw materials, raw and auxiliary materials in proportion for mixing and directly purchase finished rubber. The technical level of the mixing manufacturer is not at the same level.

Good raw materials and good craftsmanship create good quality. RPT adheres to the business philosophy of quality first, takes the international brand craftsmanship as the production standard, uses imported big-name raw materials, and produces rubber pads with the same quality as the original GEA factory. Now it has become a GA plate heat exchanger rubber gasket high-end alternative brands.

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