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Have you chosen the right food grade plate heat exchanger manufacturer?

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Have you chosen the right food grade plate heat exchanger manufacturer?
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The world is changing rapidly, and global food consumption patterns are also changing. 
In 2050, the global population will reach 9.6 billion, so the food industry will play an unprecedentedly important role. 
Obviously, this is an excellent time for companies that can meet the changing eating habits and tastes of the future population. 
Innovative food is also one of the key factors driving the income growth of food companies in the next three years. 
Food-grade plate heat exchangers support sanitary and efficient production of various products. 
These equipments can cope with the difficult problems of complex ingredients and processing techniques with special processing requirements.

Heating, sterilization, and cooling are the most basic production processes in the food processing process. Food-grade plate heat exchangers are inevitably used. They are also food-grade plate heat exchanger manufacturers, but the quality of the production equipment is indeed different. 

Here are some tips for you to choose a plate heat exchanger, so that you can buy a better quality plate heat exchanger.

food plate heat exchanger

Kanban sheet raw materials: because it is processed for food, it is ultimately the food to be imported, so the materials used must meet the sanitary standard, all stainless steel is used, but the stainless steel material is also graded, the composition and content of trace elements in stainless steel, 
It can ultimately lead to the length of the service life of the entire equipment and subsequent operating costs, so you must pay attention to the quality of stainless steel raw materials when purchasing heat exchangers.

Look at the quality of the rubber strips: the rubber strips play a sealing role in the entire heat exchange process, so the medium will definitely come into contact with the rubber strips during operation, especially for the heat exchange of food. The hygienic standards of the rubber strips are higher. 
When using heat exchangers for food, be sure to ask about the procurement channels of the raw materials of the rubber strips. The quality of the raw materials determines the quality of the rubber compound. If the quality of the raw materials does not meet the standard, the produced rubber strips cannot meet the sanitary standard.

Since the establishment of the factory for 13 years, RPT has always adhered to the quality-oriented principle. In the production of food-grade plate heat exchangers, the production is strictly in accordance with the European standard quality management system, and the products have passed CE and ASME system certification; stainless steel 
The procurement of raw materials is the same as Alfa Laval, and raw material suppliers with foreign-funded background are selected to ensure the quality of raw materials; the production process standards and quality control system of the adhesive strips are consistent with the international first-line brand Gislavie. 
Refined raw materials and auxiliary materials are purchased from major international brands, and the food-grade gaskets produced by RPT are fully compliant with the US FDA standards.

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