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All plate packs of Reapter plate and shell heat exchanger are automatically welded

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All plate packs of Reapter plate and shell heat exchanger are automatically welded
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The welding of the plate pack of the plate and shell heat exchanger is the key point of equipment manufacturing, and it is the guarantee that the equipment can be durable and can adapt to the requirements of various special working conditions.

At present, all manufacturers of fully welded plate heat exchangers on the market claim to be fully automatic welding, but there are few manufacturers that can realize automatic welding. Realizing automatic welding is not about buying a welding robot or other automatic welding equipment. It can be realized, but it is a systematic project, which requires all elements to be able to realize fully automatic welding.

Essential elements for fully automatic welding of plate and shell heat exchangers
key element Plate accuracy If the shape design of the plate is unreasonable or limited by the stamping equipment, the residual stress in the plate after stamping is large, and there will be gaps in the welding part of the plate, and continuous operation of automatic welding cannot be guaranteed.
Welding equipment At present, there is no ready-made automatic welding equipment on the market that can directly weld plate and shell heat exchangers. It is necessary to customize and repeat the modification according to the actual situation.
The quality of personnel Although it is fully automatic welding, the commissioning of the equipment is still done by people. The level of the welding personnel is very important for the welding of the plate packs. Qingdao Reapter is guaranteed by 20 years of working welding engineers and excellent welding technicians. Efficient operation
Inspection after welding plate packs The plate pack welding joint type is terminated. This type of welding is difficult and even more difficult to detect. Special welding equipment and process must be available to check whether the welding is qualified and can meet the requirements of special working conditions.

Through the above 4 points, all the plate and shell heat exchanger plate packs produced by Qingdao Reapter Company have realized automatic welding. Welding precision, stable quality, welcome new and old customers from all walks of life to buy.

In order to take care of the enterprises influenced by the coronavirus, reapter decided to give preferential treatment to customers who order now, and should want to buy as soon as possible.

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