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Qingdao Reapter Decryption Plate Heat Exchanger Series Liquid Cause and Treatment Method

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Qingdao Reapter Decryption Plate Heat Exchanger Series Liquid Cause and Treatment Method
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Qingdao Reapter often encounters the problem of plate heat exchanger string liquid during the communication with customers. If this problem is not noticed, it will cause greater trouble. Therefore, let's decrypt it today. The cause and solution of the occurrence of liquid, I hope to help everyone.

First of all, let's analyze the reasons. The reasons for the occurrence of string fluid are as follows:

1. Due to improper selection of plate heat exchanger plates, cracks or perforations are caused by plate corrosion.

2. The operating conditions do not meet the design requirements.

3. The residual stress after cold stamping of the plate and the too small clamping size during assembly cause stress corrosion.

4. There is a slight leakage at the plate leakage groove, which causes the harmful substances (such as C1) in the medium to concentrate and corrode the plate, forming a string of liquid.

plate and heat exchanger

So, the common string liquid treatment methods are as follows:

1. Replace the cracked or perforated plate, and use the light transmission method to find the plate crack on the spot.

2. Adjust the operating parameters to meet the design conditions.

3. The clamping dimensions of the plate heat exchanger during maintenance and assembly should meet the requirements, not as small as possible.

4. The plate materials are reasonably matched.

Qingdao Reapter was founded in 2014. In 2016, the component technology research and development team conducted key research and realized the domestic automatic and stable welding of plate and shell heat exchangers, semi-welded and double-wall plate heat exchangers Welding breaks the monopoly of foreign technology. Contact us now for a free selection, hurry up and call us!

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