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Interview with Reapter, China's most influential plate heat exchanger manufacturer

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Interview with Reapter, China's most influential plate heat exchanger manufacturer
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Shandong reapter Heat Exchange Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. As the most influential plate heat exchanger manufacturer, the most advanced supplier in the field of intelligentization and automation, it can provide engineering components and one with the latest automation technology. Dragon-type production and processing equipment is specialized in improving the performance and operating profit margin of production equipment for customers.

Excellent design principles are used to effectively ensure the highest operating efficiency, and a set of after-sales services that can be provided according to customer conditions during the life of the production equipment can be provided to maintain high efficiency and operating profitability of the production equipment.

As a benefit from engineering science innovation, Reapter Company, as a former fully welded plate heat exchanger manufacturer, can meet the special consumption needs of customers. The company believes in: effective communication of customer needs, flexibility and flexibility. can provide.

These four development concepts are the cornerstones of Reapter.

1. Effective communication-Effective communication, understanding the consumer demand for customers, the company devotes more energy to analyze the business to customers, to analyze the difficult problems faced by customers, rather than daily production trivial matters.

2. Design-After the company proposes a solution to solve the problem, the design task is based on the consumer demand for customers and the changing market needs.

Learn from customers that trusted APV will provide reliable scientific and innovative technology.

3. Operation-The company operates high-quality custom development projects, products, and solutions. It can provide a complete solution using the extensive experience summaries around the world, making it a high-standard solution after many years.

4. Can provide-the technology that the company can provide, even before, now and for a long time in the future, effectively ensure 100% satisfaction.

The company's technology and responsible persons are supported by processing, production, systems and other aspects, effectively ensuring that words are believed.

In the face of the continuous improvement of customer conditions and the rapid development of environmental protection and energy conservation and new energy technology, the company has begun to involve in the exploration and development of technology, and proposed a "four diversification" strategic layout, namely product diversification, factory diversification, and talents Diversification and management diversification, we can strive to build Reapter into a tens of billions of "world-class perfect plate heat exchanger production suppliers" through five to ten years of hard work, and enter. International plate heat exchanger manufacturers Ranked in the top six, to make their own significant contributions to the revitalization of Chinese national brands.


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