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New generation semi welded plate heat exchanger produced by Qingdao Ruipute

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New generation semi welded plate heat exchanger produced by Qingdao Ruipute
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Speaking of semi welded plate heat exchanger, it is a kind of energy-saving equipment to realize heat transfer between two or more kinds of fluids at different temperature, and it is also one of the main equipment to improve energy efficiency. At present, remarkable achievements have been made in the field of energy saving and efficiency improvement, heat transfer efficiency improvement, heat transfer area reduction, pressure drop reduction and heat intensity improvement.In recent years, driven by relevant national policies, the heat exchanger industry in China has developed rapidly, and it will maintain a stable growth in the future.

Since its inception, Ruipute has always been quality-oriented and technology-oriented, constantly innovating and upgrading products to improve product energy efficiency.In terms of product development, Rupter has a team of 20 years of experienced R&D engineers to develop new products of semi-welded plate heat exchanger series for special industries.

semi welded plate heat exchanger

The pressure resistance and corrosion resistance of the semi-welded plate heat exchanger series products are incomparable to any other plate heat exchanger. Under some extreme temperature changes and pressure fatigue conditions, the traditional plate heat exchanger is not competent, but the semi-welded plate heat exchanger makes the use of high efficiency plate heat exchanger feasible.In addition, the semi-welded plate heat exchanger developed by Ruput breaks through various limitations of gaskets and welding on heat exchangers. When dealing with high temperature and corrosive medium in industry, the semi-welded plate heat exchanger provides a solution of high efficiency heat transfer, good sealing and low operating cost.

In order to ensure the highest safety, reliability and durability, Rupert has conducted detailed tests on semi-welded plate heat exchangers, with particular emphasis on high pressure, high temperature and corrosion resistance.The comprehensive reliability and multi-benefit innovative design make the cost advantage of semi-welded plate heat exchanger more obvious in special industrial heat transfer solutions.For example, the corrosion resistance of ammonia refrigerant system makes the semi-welded plate heat exchanger widely used in heating devices with corrosive medium.

Qingdao Ruipute has 13 years of industry experience, has a 20 years experience in senior technical services team, the company adopts imported brand new original selection software, can put forward different solutions for a wide variety of conditions, meet the requirements of all kinds of working conditions, perfect if you're looking for can replace imported brand half and welded plate heat exchanger manufacturers, welcome to us.

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