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It's summer! Your usual swimming pool needs a plate heat exchanger too.

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It's summer! Your usual swimming pool needs a plate heat exchanger too.
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Plate heat exchanger in the swimming pool's main application is, because the pool water for a long time to use, the water is bound to contain a lot of impurities, in order to keep the pool water clean, the need to pump the water out for filtration, disinfection, sterilization, and these water and back to the pool, in order to balance the swimming pool water heat loss, it is necessary to heat the water, this process will use plate heat exchanger.

Usually swimming pools burn their own boilers when the municipality does not provide heating, and the initial heating is about 32°C. This time sometimes takes 24 hours, or even 48 hours, and the temperature in the water must be maintained for at least 20 hours, because frequent heating affects the normal use of the pool and wastes heat energy.

To the pool inside the water pumped by the pump to heat the water, can ensure that the water is maintained at a certain temperature.

 swimming pool-plate heat exchanger

Because of the disinfection of the water inside the pool, the addition of some chemical components will inevitably increase the corrosiveness of the water, therefore, when choosing the plate material, we must choose titanium, at least 316 stainless steel, Qingdao Ruipute has a wealth of experience in titanium, titanium palladium, hastelloy, nickel and other special materials.

In addition to these swimming pool applications, plate heat exchanger can also be used in bathing, hot springs, villa heating and so on, these are in the real life applications, in fact, it can not only be used in industrial aspects.

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