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The characteristics of plate heat exchanger in refrigeration technology

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The characteristics of plate heat exchanger in refrigeration technology
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Plate heat exchanger can be used not only in heat exchange, but also in some refrigeration equipment and refrigeration industry. Its function can maintain the current temperature and prevent heat loss. What is its characteristics in refrigeration technology?

plate heat exchanger

1. The small amount of refrigerant charge is conducive to environmental protection and reduce the operating cost

The volume of shell side and tube side is very large. To make the refrigeration system work normally, a large amount of refrigerant should be filled, and environmental pollution may be caused. On the one hand, the plate heat exchanger is small in volume and the space size is small on the other hand.

2. Less freezing tendency and high frost resistance

Because of the high turbulence and uniform temperature distribution of water in plate heat exchanger at low velocity, the freezing tendency of frozen water is reduced. Even if freezing occurs, it can bear the pressure caused by freezing and can be used after freezing.

3. Evaporation is complete and economic is high

When the refrigerant evaporates in the plate heat exchanger, it is easy to realize the complete evaporation to the liquid free degree. Therefore, in most cases, the refrigeration system does not need to set up a gas-liquid separator. And it is easy to realize unit.

In the refrigeration technology, plate heat exchanger can effectively improve the frost resistance of some refrigeration equipment, and many refrigeration equipment will often contact with low temperature. And can relieve pressure, save some cost. Improve the efficiency of use.

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