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What is the production and processing technology of Qingdao Ruipute plate heat exchanger plate?

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What is the production and processing technology of Qingdao Ruipute plate heat exchanger plate?
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A plate heat exchanger is a combination of a set of corrugated metal plates with four corner holes for heat transfer of two fluids to direct the fluid through each channel alternately. They are closely arranged for heat exchange. High precision, small size, high heat exchange efficiency and space saving. Here we summarize the production and processing process of plate heat exchanger plates.

1. Plate separation zone design: even the widest plate distributes the fluid evenly and uniformly throughout the plate, resulting in minimal pressure loss in the separation zone. All heat exchange zones of the plate are involved in the effective heat transfer. All physical areas of the board are converted into an effective heat transfer area, no heat transfer dead zone, no flow dead ends, not easy to accumulate, not easy to cause scale caused by chloride ion corrosion, can make full use of the allowable pressure drop, increase the flow of convective heat transfer part, improve the overall heat transfer efficiency.

2. Unidirectional flow design: the entire plate heat exchanger uses only one type of plate, making it easier to pipe, install and maintain, and reducing the type and number of plates and pads.


3. Plate has two corrugated angle H and L: the optimal combination of plate heat exchanger can maximize the heat transfer coefficient and reduce equipment costs.

4. The plate is formed by one punch: on the same plate, the depth of the corrugation is the same, each contact point between the plates is perfectly connected, there is no over-punching area on the plate, there will not produce any hidden cracks, the height of the metal grain on the plate is the same, the thinnest plate can reach 0.3mm, which makes the plate's pressure-bearing capacity is enhanced, to avoid thermal stress fatigue, to avoid vibration and high-frequency chatter caused by the heat exchanger. Mechanical fatigue corrosion, and better mechanical properties of the plate, avoiding hidden cracks. Leakage is eliminated and contact points are evenly distributed. When the medium flows through the plate, the turbulence is enhanced, the heat transfer efficiency is maximized, the weight of the equipment is reduced, and a higher heat transfer coefficient can be obtained under pressure requirements.

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