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Many people were killed in the Aegean earthquake. How can seawater plate heat exchangers be accident-free?

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Many people were killed in the Aegean earthquake. How can seawater plate heat exchangers be accident-free?
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Last night, a strong earthquake occurred in the Aegean Sea. Turkey and Greece are affected, and the magnitudes determined by their official agencies are 6.6 and 6.7 respectively. According to a live video released by foreign media, seawater poured into the city. Affected by the earthquake, an 8-story residential building in Turkey collapsed. 
Many people were killed in it. Life is full of accidents, but there should be no accidents in the operation of seawater plate heat exchangers.

An accident is called an accident because it is unpredictable. 
But no accidents are allowed in industrial production, everything must be under control. 
Seawater plate heat exchangers are more equipment used in coastal cities and even island countries. In tropical and subtropical areas, most HVAC users are used. 
Many are used in production. 
So how can we effectively avoid accidents? 

Sea water contains a lot of chloride ions, and stainless steel is not corrosion resistant, so the choice of titanium is fundamental. 

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Secondly, choose the right board type. 
In some working conditions, small temperature difference heat transfer is common, so choosing the corresponding plate type is the key. For example, there are thin and narrow types, and there are thick types. Each type corresponds to different working conditions. 
The right medicine should be prescribed when designing. 
During the installation process, you must follow the instructions in the manual. Don't increase the pressure suddenly during operation, otherwise it will easily cause irreversible impact on the equipment.

The Aegean earthquake is very sad, so try to avoid it if you can. 
To choose a suitable seawater plate heat exchanger, if you want to run well, you must standardize its operation. Daily inspection and maintenance are essential. 
Be fully prepared, no matter what kind of accident comes, as long as we do our best, at least our heart is stable.

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