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The working principle and installation method of water-water and steam-water plate heat exchanger

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The working principle and installation method of water-water and steam-water plate heat exchanger
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Plate heat exchangers are by far the most widely used and most efficient heat exchangers. Its high heat transfer efficiency, small footprint, low cost, and application in a variety of industries. Today, we will explain how these two conditions work and how to install them.

 PHEXThe water-water plate heat exchanger, as the name suggests, is that the medium is all water, and water is used to give water for heat exchange.

The hot water on the primary side enters from the upper port and discharges from the lower outlet; the cold water on the secondary side does the opposite, entering from the lower port and discharging from the upper outlet.

The reason for this is to ensure that the internal medium flows in the opposite direction, to achieve counter-current heat transfer, so that the temperature difference can be balanced and heat transfer efficiency can be improved.

So when installing, be sure to distinguish between the primary side of the inlet and outlet and the secondary side.


A steam-water plate heat exchanger, where soda refers to steam and water, are two media.plate heat exchanger

Steam is still coming in and out of the hot side and condensate is coming out of the lower port.

Assemble according to a single process, allowing condensate to flow freely from the lower end without the need to install a trap.

If there is a lot of steam coming out of the lower end, the steam inlet valve should be adjusted to control the amount of steam coming in.

Condensate can be recovered inside the boiler and recycled.

Secondary side in or out or lower port in and upper port out.


Understanding the working principle and installation method of water and steam plate heat exchanger can make you know more about your own equipment, only with a better understanding of your equipment, will make each working condition operation orderly, in order to make the whole production process operation orderly, the stability and reliability of the product requires regular maintenance and testing.

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