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How to order an industrial plate heat exchanger suitable for your own working conditions?

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How to order an industrial plate heat exchanger suitable for your own working conditions?
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With the rise of domestic manufacturing industry, people are more and more inclined to buy domestic products in industrial production. A typical example is industrial plate heat exchanger. It plays a very important role in heat exchange. As a result, when it comes to heat exchanger, it is no longer Alfa Laval, APV, GEA, Tranter and other international brands.

The more choices you have, the more likely you are to make the wrong choice. The rapid development of the Internet and excessive marketing also make what we search and see less real. So how do you order an industrial plate heat exchanger?

First of all, you should be familiar with your own heat transfer conditions and specific operating environment, which is the premise and foundation. Second, is to find a reliable plate heat exchanger production plant, the reason is that it must at least have its own physical plant, production equipment, technical workers...If these are not also not called on the factory, but it happens that someone will have nothing to go so propaganda, you angry not angry?

Industrial plate heat exchanger

industrial plate heat exchanger

Third, the most important, is the selection of design. The prerequisite for the operation of a heat exchanger is the scientific selection. First of all, you should be familiar with the operating conditions, understand the software and the characteristics of the board, and have a scientific judgment of the specific operating environment. Fourth, is the use of materials. Procurement of low quality raw materials natural heat transfer equipment will not be good. Fifth, is the assembly, a good horse to match a good saddle, good accessories plus skilled workers to assemble, such a heat transfer equipment will not be bad

It is correct to choose Qingdao Ruiput as a plate heat exchanger for industrial production. With 13 years of manufacturing experience, the selection software of international big brands, all the raw materials are imported, and the heat exchange technology design team of 17 people...And so on and so forth are all high configuration. Most importantly, after years of development, we can find the corresponding design scheme for any working condition. Come to seek advice recently still can obtain the opportunity of free type selection design, quantity is limited, want to buy quick!

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