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Two simple steps to teach you to clean and maintain the plate heat exchanger correctly:

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Two simple steps to teach you to clean and maintain the plate heat exchanger correctly:
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The cleaning of plate heat exchangers can be divided into 2 types, which are currently widely used cleaning methods, one is CIP, and the other is split cleaning.

CIP, the English full name is Cleaning in place, also called online cleaning. The advantage of it is that it can prolong the service life without disassembling the equipment. For the flushing of plate heat exchangers, chemical flushing is used, and the main method is reverse backwashing.

plate heat exchanger cleaning methods

When cleaning, the flow rate of the cleaning liquid is faster than the normal medium flow rate, and it has to be about 1.5 times to have an effect. It should be noted that after cleaning, in order to prevent the cleaning liquid from remaining inside the device, it must be replaced with clean water, so that the cleaning liquid is completely discharged. Also, there are many plates that are made of stainless steel, so be careful not to use hydrochloric acid cleaner when cleaning. Finally, when making cleaning solvents, the chlorine content must not exceed 0.0003.

The other is split cleaning, as the name implies is to disassemble the plate heat exchanger equipment for cleaning. The point to be noted when cleaning is that you must wait for the equipment to cool down completely before disassembling it. It cannot be disassembled when it is hot. Thirdly, the cleaning of the plate should be wiped gently, and can not be brushed with strong force or wire brush, otherwise the plate and the rubber strip will be easily damaged.

plate heat exchanger cleaning

Just like chemical cleaning, after cleaning the plates and strips, they must be rinsed with clean water again, because their lower parts are prone to dust, and it is still necessary to wash them repeatedly. If the plate is thickly scaled, it must be rinsed separately and then repeatedly washed. In this process, it is necessary to keep the rubber strip clean when it is installed, otherwise there will be problems with the tightness, and finally the Assembly requires assembly in order.

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