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The secrets of those shell and tube heat exchanger manufacturers will not tell you:

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The secrets of those shell and tube heat exchanger manufacturers will not tell you:
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As we all know, the plate and shell heat exchanger is the first choice heat exchanger with high temperature and high pressure resistance, combining the advantages of the plate heat exchanger and the tubular heat exchanger. Moreover, the plate and shell heat exchanger has been developing in the direction of larger volume and higher heat exchange efficiency. Is there any difference between the two? Let me explain today.

plate and shell heat exchanger wholesale
shell and tube heat exchanger
structure plate type structure, which belongs to a new type plate heat exchanger traditional round tube structure
internal the internal plates are superposed with shevron corrugations a light pipe or thread official pattern
internal (media) in the form of turbulent flow flows vertically and crosses
clean At the beginning of design, it is highly resistant to dirt, so dirt is not easy to produce and easy to clean internal fluid traverses the pipe, and the wall thickness is easy to scale
heat exchange efficiency high( as high turbulence coefficient) generally not high
heat transfer coefficient (generally) 3500 ~ 5500W / (?.K). low——1000~2000W/(?.K)
Temperature difference (min.) 1 ?  (usually above) 10 ?

The above is the comparison between the two. At present, it is the most widely used. The plate heat exchanger is generally used by everyone. No matter what industry, as long as it is suitable for you, it is the best. However, the plate heat exchanger exists as a new type of heat exchanger. It has high heat exchange efficiency unmatched by traditional heat exchangers and a low floor area. If considering the economic cost, it is still necessary to choose a plate heat exchanger.

 The plate and shell heat exchangers manufactured by Qingdao reapter Heat Exchange Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. have high efficiency and stable quality. They can be designed and manufactured according to different working conditions and have consistent quality.

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